Comment: What works against Hillary is that she's getting old

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What works against Hillary is that she's getting old

Do people really like her, or is she the Bob Dole of the democratic party: Just the most remaining, obvious person in line who has been waiting patiently her turn. I suppose it is possible, but it is hard for me to imagine.

But this is like dueling royalty: The Clintons vs. the Bushes. What if it came down to that in the Superbowl of voting - which is what the Presidential election is. Old Hillary Clinton vs. GWB-Affiliated Jeb Bush. Not a very pleasant thought at all. Not much of a choice, either.

The last time we really had a choice, was McCain vs. Obama. There was a choice - I mean in terms of it not being Coke vs. Pepsi. It was more like Coke vs. Dr. Pepper. McInsane was scary. He had the potential to be the next Hitler. But then again, so does this one.

And it is really nothing personal. It is just the nature of the unstable times and the types of people who seeking the office of the presidency. When times get unstable, people like to have one guy in command who claims to know what he's doing. They elect dictators. They get so scared that they say, "Please, take care of me. Please, fix it."

+ Hillary had that "fall" and she may have a "clot" or a "tumor." Maybe it is true, maybe we're reading a scripted script. I don't know. But at any rate - that is out in the "news" - so whether it is true or not (for whatever reason it may be true or not) - it will be used against here: The health scare tactic by Republicans.

Bush could play the young energetic guy.

And in this fight of Royalty, Rand is like the party crasher. He's like, "Hey I heard there was a party. Well, I'm here to play."

LOL. It should be good.

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