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Comment: What do you see of import in 2014?

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What do you see of import in 2014?

Any particular races?

We have a special election coming up for a Senate seat, the one being vacated by John Kerry, who gets to take Hillary's Place at State.

Scott Brown, one time tea party darling, will be running again. He just lost to Elizabeth Warren. She beat him pretty good. I voted for her. With Elizabeth - she's a socialist, but at least you know where she stands. She is so darn sincere about her beliefs. She truly believes them. I like that about people. It means they're good people, even if I disagree with their beliefs.

With Scott - he's in the GOP, but he acts like a democrat. He has to. It isn't his fault. He's a representative of the people up here, who are all Blue as Blue can be. If he isn't representative, then he gets the boot. Which he just did.

So running him again doesn't seem like a good idea to me. The people had a chance, and they said no. And here he comes again? Oh please. He got lucky last time, riding in on the wave of tea party excitement, whose waves lapped even the toes of the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts.

The problem is, the GOP up here is weak. There's no rising young star up here (at least not that I know of). But with him, he's like a fox in the henhouse, and that's how the opposition painted him up here: The brush they used was: "He's for Wall Street's Interests." They played that against "She's for the People's Interests."

The developing playoff appears to be shaping up like this:

Scott Brown (retread)


Ed Markey - who has been in congress for 36 years! And one day he sees a juicy meal, not far out of reach and says, "I'd like to eat that." And so he does, and because he's the oldest, biggest lion of the pack, the cubs back off and say - take it, Daddy.

He just hired Elizabeth Warren's fundraising team. They know who to hit, and how to hit them. The question is - are those people exhilarated by Warren, or worn out from being hit up so much?

This will be a good playoff. Another circus.

Kentucky will be a circus if Ashley Judd runs against Mitch McConnel. Whooooweeeeeee! That gonna be a fight, and I wanna see it.

It is all entertainment anymore.