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i guess the comments are

i guess the comments are getting better. who cares.

Why didn't they ask Alex Jones about central banking and fractional reserve banking, and nations signing off on the banker's debt of credit default swaps..? He could have elucidated a lot for the people if he had 5 minutes.... but they just want to go to 10 second sound-bytes on his radio show???

And then they make the guy with a lot of books on the shelf behind him, "the straight guy" and the voice of sanity? And he denies that the elite are smart and have a plan? he calls them inept!!!????

i lived right next door to anthony james rothschild when i was 21... these guys have a plan.

That guy with the books was such an idiot, and vice gives him credibility....

I think VICE did this on purpose, VICE wanted them to appear like a fringe group and they succeeded, and some idiot with books gets the credit.