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I just got back from London a couple weeks ago

So I am just getting a feel for what might be happening in 2014. This is my view though. If we can get more Amash type candidates in place it would not matter as much who wins the Presidency.

I like that you will admit here you voted for Warren. I would rather vote for someone who will work on at least one issue I care about then not working on any issue I care about when they say they will. I always said if I lived in Kucinich's district I would vote for him for that reason.

I know it seems like entertainment to some. And I guess it kind of is in a way. However, I am young still and I am on college campuses, and I see a desire for a major change in politicians and elections.

I was in and out of Michigan (my home state) for 2012 and I love that we were able to get Amash in.

I also love the stories of smaller local level GOPs being flipped, and I think there is potential to flip more of them.