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point about Ron being on the speaking tour. It will be interesting to watch that evolve, and to see what kind of a role he plays in Rand's campaign.

And if he plays a prominent role, will the faction that is so anti-Rand then turn on Ron as well? Social dynamics like these fascinate me, because they are driven by belief, which I believe is fundamentally irrational. I think it is difficult (if not impossible) for people to differentiate belief from hope. So they hope for something so badly that they believe it.

I think if there are enough people doing that simultaneously, it does shift reality. It pushes it in the hoped for direction. But not if there aren't enough people.

So I think Rand's chances depend a lot on how the economy does over the next few years. If it starts growing again, Obama just trumps everyone. Of course he's like a witch doctor, but if he says, "See what I did," he and his annointed one are golden.

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