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Yeah, its politics

And we're watching it being played methodically. Every move from now on is like a chess move on a giant board. But we have no idea how long this game of chess has been in play.

It might have been when Rand was a kid, and visited his dad in Washington and saw the president and said to himself, "Man, I want to be that guy."

But there is no question that Rand has got it all mapped out. It will be fun to watch how he maneuvers. In a way, it is like watching the Hunger Games. Everyone will throw everything they've got at him. So he's got to placate the restless in the GOP so they're comfortable with him. The said, "prove your loyalty - go kiss the Western Wall." And so he did.

Brilliant. But is he hiding a pistol in his boot, like in Valkyrie? Or has he turned to the Dark Side already like Darth Vader? Or is he just doing his best to learn to master being Lord of Ring?

He's the man.