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O'Reilly knows what

O'Reilly knows what Libertarians stand for on economics policy. Because he even threw out ending fiat money as a suggestion before Beck's response... yet Beck just repeats the standard mantra of the Republican establishment "cut spending". And that's it. He could've easily elaborated on the subject, O'Reilly wasn't trying to rush him. In fact he even killed time before his actual response explaining... "he couldn't speak for the Liberty movement".

Which is a damning statement itself. Since there's really no factions within the movement. The only sparring issue within the movement would probably be abortion. Other than that, how Liberty applies is pretty clear.

So for Beck to say he can't speak for the Liberty movement on economic policy and only give his own opinion, is just glaring proof -- like anybody needs it -- that this is a psy-op attempt. He's not going to educate his viewers on Austrian Economics. He will not. He doesn't know the subject. And he's never read a book on it. He's just going to make us look like the current Tea Party group and get people to say they're Libertarian too now.

Then being Libertarian will be the "new thing" just like being Tea Party was. That's why we must get on anything these guys say with tenacity and strike down any fallacies.