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that last part is my issue

I just watched the video. I guess Alex's "extreme presentation" I'm immune too having seen enough of him after a few years, so I'm not shocked or anything - I sort of roll my eyes and sigh to myself, but say "yah, that's Alex".

However... the "panel" afterwards was fairly pathetic. Not a single one lived outside a major metropolitan area, and all came across as "entitled hipster" types. All they could do is attack Alex's delivery and personality, make sarcastic comments about how he might be "crazy" (wink wink), or lob ad hominem after ad hominem. I didn't hear a single one actually refute any of his statements or claims with facts that disproved any of it - they just fell back on "he's a foam flecked crazy man" or "wow, he's a luny conspiracy guy".

and that's pathetic. If you don't agree with him, great. That's your right and your opinion. But if you're going to say he's wrong, then provide SOMETHING that factually supports your statement in that regard, other than a personal attack on how he looks or whether you think he's mentally unstable.

all that said... much better delivery tonight from Alex, IMHO. And the comments on the side were interesting - a lot of folks pointing out that he was raising some really valid points, so who knows, maybe he is breaking thru for at least some of the "on the fence" types.