Comment: im a promoter at heart...

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im a promoter at heart...

The reason why the Tea Party is irrelevant is 1. It was a hijacked message. 2. Mitt Romney. 3. The GOP. And lastly.. the media including talk radio. Mitt Romney was a disaster for anything conservative. Thank GOD he didn't win!!!!

The TEA Party never knew who they were. It was a manufactured group that ran on stolen ideas from us. That is precisely the reason it hasn't remained a powerful force while we continue to grow. We gain seats. We gain influence because we deal in facts and sound philosophy.

I don't know what Ron has up his sleeve... but I'm thankful he is retired. This is when we will see him take the gloves off.

I shared the same passion as you in 07. I worked so damn hard... but it was my first try at this. I was accustomed to selling parties.. not politicians. I am sure your heart, like mine and many here will refuse to drop out.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul