Comment: The path to liberty is NOT through the Presidency

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The path to liberty is NOT through the Presidency

Rand Paul may, MAY, be an exciting rallying point for the liberty message.

But he might just be a sell out.

Winning the Presidency will not save us.

We will save ourselves. Liberty is defended from the ground up, not the top down.

If we save our energy, money, and excitement for the Presidential Playoff Season, then we are being played very well by the system. We deserve the system, the two parties, and so forth.

I will support Rand Paul, root for him against other guys, but if he sells out I won't be sending him money. Not so he can sell my goddamned name and address to Mitch McFokking Maconnel.

I don't demand purity, but the line for me is: does Rand fundamentally oppose the system and seek to dismantle it (even if conservatively), or will he support the system so long as it is reformed from within to be 'better'?

And the fact is, if he acts against the system HE WILL NOT WIN!!!

So think about that.