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Comment: Don't have my mind made up yet

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Don't have my mind made up yet

How possibly on earth could I? Simply on the basis of who his dad is? Go jump in the lake. That stands against the core principle that we're all individuals.

So many people have already staked their ground - pro and con. What is the hurry?

It reminds me of the 2008 RNC, when John McCain announced Sarah Palin. Everyone was running completely start struck. "I like her, do you like her? I like her. Do you like her?"

How on earth should I know at the moment?

But I saw the palpable excitement. It rippled through everyone. What he did was a politcial GAME CHANGER, but at the same time a political hail mary. Everyone loves the hail mary. This is what his hail mary was about: "I'll trade you your first black president for your first female vice president..."

It worked for about 24 hours.

So anyway, I'll wait and watch and see. And it'll be fun.

There are some spectacular plays and drama in politics.