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The media successfully

The media successfully distracted the people as they usually do. Last I heard on Obama's killing of American citizens, the administration threatened a judge to drop a lawsuit against Obama for those killings. That's all I know on that. Eric Holder, Corzine, MF Global....we've all been distracted with Newtown, fiscal cliff, etc. Well, many of the lemmings were. Most of us on here haven't forgotten. According to Ann Barnhardt (who closed her own investment company after MF Global), said that courts ruled on another case similar to MF Global that customer segregated funds are now no longer segregated; that an investment company can seize those funds if they are failing (something along those lines). She was disgusted by the ruling and sounded the alarm to get out of investing because there were no guarantees whether your money would stay your's. How about the story of Obama not calling for backup at Benghazi? Also a buried story. It disappeared after Sandy Hook. While the media distracted the masses with Newtown and gun control, Obama just quietly signed the NDAA with the indefinite detention provision in it, even after he promised he would not support it a year earlier or anything even remotely like the indefinite detention in it. The Obama administration also wanted the Baucus bill put in the "fiscal cliff" deal which had been in another bill in August 2012 that went nowhere. The Baucus provision was to give tax credits to be banks and corporations like Goldman-Sachs, et al. Not only did he want these tax credits, he wanted them PERMANENT. But I don't think he wa able to get the permanent part in. When the media makes a big bruhaha about one story, always watch the other hands. It's almost a total guarantee something is going on behind the scenes to take away our freedoms.