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Billion Dollar Corporation Created w/o One Dollar! page 112

The book is excellent. The editorial cartoon are better yet! Extremely entertaining. The daunting passages my be quickly summarized. Summarized down to a page. Never-the-less, you will find each page a delightful pearl.

All you need to know is that the "Aldrich Plan" 1912... retitled as "The Federal Reserve System" 1913 is 100% legal fiction. "Legal Tender" tenderized the United States, then the world.

Please read page Chapter VI page 112:
Chapter VI Frenzied Financ1ng: A billion dollar corporation to be formed without investment of a solitary dollar Greatest feat of financial legerdemain (slight of hand book keeping) in all history. The mystic power explained page 112.

Ain't any explanation of crating debt out-of-thin-air. One has to realize the slight of hand w/o seeing it. The fact that you do not see money is your clue that something is amiss. Someone removed the money form the marketplace, but still refers to a mythical monetary system, as if the money was still there. I ain't. Money is gone w/ the wind. Gold left in 1933. Silver coin in 1965. Gold Certificate in 1971. Copper penny in 1982. All that is left on "In God We Trust" coin is gone. All be have left worth its weight in our monetary system is the US Nickel. 5¢ ...

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For those wishing for a quicker, computerized summation of the Federal Reserve... Instant comprehensive picture... here it is... One page computerized software summary for the "hard of understanding": Accuracy guaranteed.

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