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Comment: Let me modify your quote so

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Let me modify your quote so

Let me modify your quote so that you can understand why people are upset at people who say it is ok to compromise.

"Please don't be upset that Rand compromises [THE CONSTITUTION] sometimes,..."

You see, Ron Paul taught us that compromise was the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

I, for one, am now permanently opposed to any politician who compromises the Constitution.

Ron Paul taught me that.

Rand Paul gave me an opportunity to show you all how serious I am about it. I will not endorse Romney's ideas. I will not endorse foreign aid to Israel or anyone else. I will not endorse those who voted for the NDAA 2013, or its "Rand favored" amendment, which actually was unconstitutional.

Ron Paul is responsible for my staunch position. Thanks Ron!