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Comment: pretty disappointed

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pretty disappointed

never seen a vice documentary so heavily edited. if you ask these groups chances are a few of them have spent many hours on libertarian literatures and can actually explain things credibly, but the editing job is such that nobody was given 30 seconds or more, mostly are just scenes cutting to people yelling and chanting and putting on skull masks. makes me wonder if this is common practice in other documentaries i've watched by vice. they actually let some ex NY Times reporter do the explaining behind the motive for these protest groups? someone who doesn't share their beliefs to explain their motives? i wonder if the reporter even knows his role and the editing job and who he is trying to speak for from this double-blind editing

talk about only getting one side of the story, even if you tried to shoot this from a progressive point of view. even MSM has the decency to allow at times two equally competent people to see each other in the face, know who they are speaking to and properly debate each other, not have a writer sit in a studio somewhere instead explaining for somebody in the street and try to frame millions of people at once.