Comment: :-) I know you are coming around Michael.

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:-) I know you are coming around Michael.

There was nothing harder for me than to sit through Rand's teleprompter dictated speech in person at the RNC in August.

I have never seen a Paul "read" a message that way and it was clearly not his own.

But it was a smart move, one that has our movement poised to reach new levels and to force NEOCONs out of the Republican Party.

It is time to tell NEOCONs to go form a 3rd party. This can only happen if we capture the leadership of one of the two major parties.

Rand Paul has positioned himself to do this on our behalf. And I support Rand, even though I thoroughly hated that damn speech he gave at the RNC, because it served a much larger purpose in calling Checkmate at the RNC in 2016.