Comment: Why do young leftists

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Why do young leftists

Have such a lustful totalitarian instinct? You hear their point of view, the way they react to information, and it's as if they get thrills up their leg cheerleading for the status quo.

Maybe it's the hegelian effect of having Obama in office. We in the liberty corner are SO OVER Obama, and forget that this is their hero and they are still trying to defend him/have hopes for him.

In any event, hearing their (the community people afterwards) discussions among themselves I can't help but get a strange impression.

It's like an abstract intellectual equivalent of listening to someone with a speech impediment.

It's like, I expect their line of reasoning to go one way or another and it stays flat. To the point where I'm disconcerted and made to feel awkward and uncomfortable.

It's weird. I can't say that they are imbeciles, or maniacs (like they might call a right-wing radio host), but it's just like there's a level of critical thinking that's just... missing when they talk.

Anyone get what I'm saying?