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Reality tunnel LOL

thats one I haven't heard before, but your right we all have our own. Mine really changed the day Obamacare became reality. I owned no silver at that time but with in 1 month I bought 20 oz, and then I learned the truth about Ron Paul. I was one of the Republicans that laughed at the Liberty movement in 2008.

What makes me believe this country is heading for hyperinflation is because of all the debt public and private. Then when you realize our whole system is really depends on the petro-dollar it's even more fragile. China and Russia are gunning for the USA's status as a world currency holder. China is building the worlds largest refinery in Saudi Arabia, this is where we get most of our foreign oil.

Then there is the facts of the past in that, 21 countries have experienced hyperinflation in the past 25 years. I think Zimbabwe was the last, and still is a basket case. Even the USA experienced it in 1812, and in 1861. I think it's just a matter of time before inflation kicks into high gear, we are already at 8 to 10%, The CPI is the biggest lie in town.

Some of these countries have profited from the hyperinflation, one was Russia they shed most of their debt through hyperinflation. So it can be a good thing for the Government to do especially when they want a new currency. Easy to do once they destroy the old, but not so good for the people. Every thing they depend on is gone, like S.S. and healthcare to name a couple.

So in my reality Tunnel I have been getting ready for hyperinflation. I bought a farm site, now raising my own home grown food, tried of the GMO crap any way. I figure I should be able to survive while everyone else is jumping from skyscrapers.

My hope it happens on Obama's term as POTUS so they can't blame any one else.

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