Comment: Unlawful Killing

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Unlawful Killing

I posted this in the Morgan interview, re-posting here, you all will know why.

I try extremely hard not to get involved in side issues that distract me from the real events unfolding before our very eyes, (i.e. "Financial Repression" and "Capital Controls") look it up.

However, in cases such as this interview, what I truly find disturbing is the fact that Piers Morgan himself was questioning the official report of Lady Diana when she died, he was interviewed in the documentary "Unlawful Killing" which has been pulled off the shelves so know one has a chance to see the real death of Lady Diana and now, this man has been paid off and shut down and told to fall in line. This is why you are seeing a total ignorance on his part.

Do not, I repeat! Do not be distracted from the economic storm that is growing each and every passing day, Globally!
The 2nd Amendment is what it is and will once again prove to be in a true patriots favor!!