Comment: OOOhhh how interesting

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OOOhhh how interesting

Four more years of campaigning! Yea! This will be so awesome.

Nystrom you are a good man and I respect the hell out of you. Keeping an open mind is always a good idea, but I am too far down the path and there is no turning back.

Rand will get no support from me. Sorry, I am with the hardcore and don't believe for a minute this screwed up system can be changed from the inside. I am going to focus my money and my hot air only on getting people to accept the idea the "defense" budget needs to be cut (personally think it should be 0, but I am willing to barter).

The interesting thing is what Ron is going to be doing. We all know how radical he is and we all know that he is not going to back down. I have actually been thinking we may hear a more radical Ron now that he is "retired", but maybe I am wrong. How far will Rand go to put distance between him and his father? Would Ron ever actually endorse him?