Comment: Terrible harmful video.The

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Terrible harmful video.The

Terrible harmful video.

The idea that the Republican party and Democratic party are the same is important to understand. But this has nothing to do with cereal.

Making intelligent choices of which cereal to buy is your chance to vote on what gets made. Telling yourself you don't have a choice does two harmful things. It makes you feel like a victim, that you can not control your world, which is giving up. It also blocks you mentally from making an informed choice, and playing your role in the free market.

Two things need to happen to increase choice. Creatives need to create new choices. And customers need to choose them, or they go away.

YOU have a choice. Make a good one, and never tell yourself you're a victim.

This video is based in truth, but the conclusion (at least in the first 5 min I could stand) is completely false and destructive.