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nothing has even happened yet,,,, and i feel there is enuff push back,,, and the house controlled by repubs that nothing major and threatening will happen
and who will look stupid in the end,,,,, threatening to kill people

if draconian measures occur we can thank this guy

saying your gonna start killing people is wacko,,, the gov't didn't paint him,,,, he did that to himself
how many people feel the same way and didn't go rant on you tube and thus are not in his shoes

don't automatically blame gov't blame his actions and words

he gives gun control advocates ammoo----if he does go crazy,, if guns were banned he may kill less people,,, if he's serious yes he could harm many with guns----
we're,,, actually not we,,, some idiots are giving them the ammo

how's this gonna go over being played all over the media???

step back and look without emotion,,, this is a war,,,, and we must use good tactics in the fight,,, with forethought and a plan

never---ever say anything when your angry---wow gramma had good advice