Comment: Why would anyone get a flu

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Why would anyone get a flu

Why would anyone get a flu shot? It contains mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, cow blood, chicken embryo, anti-biotics, sugar, monkey tissue etc.

As long as you believe some "bug" is making you sick, and ignoring the REAL reasons why people get sick, you will buy into the vaccine to prevent an imaginary bug.

We breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, physically stressed out, we eat pasteurized, steroid-hormone-chemical injected foods, that are processed over cooked and dead and then wonder why we get sick. (cooked foods have been link to causing cancer)

Animals in the world don't have flu seasons because they eat their natural diets. When we bring them into our homes and feed them our garbage they begin to get the diseases we get. Coincidence? Nope...


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