Comment: i knew rand paul was a phoney

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i knew rand paul was a phoney

i knew rand paul was a phoney back in 2010. whatever rand paul is doing, it is not some brilliant machiavellian power play. he was campaigning against earmarks and term limits and not the federal reserve. he is all for sanctions on iran. And now AIPAC has a lovely image of him with a yarmulke. And the Mormons can rest easy that he endorsed Mitt Romney. And the NeoCons in Kentucky can rest easy because he ran his winning campaign on bombing dem muslim "terrorists". Yeah boy, let's get them terrorists.

And Rand Paul doesn't want to mention that the C.I.A. is running Al-Quaeda??? At least his father's foreign policy espoused the "golden rule" so Ron Paul could cheekily avoid the conspiracy and still maintain a sound, logical basis for not going to war.

Rand Paul is such a sell-out, and i'm going to laugh at everyone for continuing to support this guy, after you gave your hearts for someone who did want to make a difference.