Comment: it doesn't matter

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it doesn't matter

rand doesn't have a chance

chris christie will win in a cakewalk

i love liberty and ron paul,,,, but this is reality as i see it

people are sick of being lied to---- and at the minimum people feel christie is a straight shooter
as well as having a 70% approval rating--- in nj no less wich is hugely democratic----nj loved corzine,, mcgreevey,,, florio---we actually re-elect menendez and 86 year old lautenberg---- that's pathetic
hell even obama lover mika brezinski likes, supports christie---

also--- bush appointed christie---- and liberty has not taken over the repub party from the insiders just yet
they will love christie

i really don't care for christie--- civil liberties-weak--- the drug war weak---marijuana weak

but i see what's happening nationally and around me ,nj, ny