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focus on local!

All this talk about Rand is great and all, and it is never too early to gain momentum and start working on Rand 2016, but in all honesty we should put almost all of our focus back on LOCAL elections, and taking the country back county by county. We can never put all our faith into a "ruler" top down mentality. The power of the system is in our hands. When we take more of this country back we as a collective patriotic constitutional consciousness can guide whoever is behind the wheel more effectively. That is far more important than just winning the presidency. We need to control more of the power structure so once we have our man "whoever" that is, the outcome for the country will be an amazing return back to a constitutional republic, and a much more peaceful world. We should constantly be pushing and promoting anything from a precinct captain, mayor, police chief, to a senator, etc. That is how we've been winning and how we will continue to take back the country! Piece by Piece, county by county, and then we take back the presidency.