Comment: This is what Comcast does!

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This is what Comcast does!

The last home my family and I lived in was the one in which I had the cable shut off. Was very happy, no one missed it. I worried a little for my 7-year-old, who turned it on once, told me it doesn't work, & I told her yes, I got rid of it. She didn't care at all, to my surprise. She knows how to use the kids Netflix and only does that very rarely.
Well, when we moved to where we are now, the cheapest internet for Comcast was also bundled with cable. I got that, but was unhappy with tv being around again so I called to get rid of it. They told me Internet by itself would cost me about $60 more, that I had no choice but to keep the tv. Can u believe it?? How does that make any sense? It's infuriating, but I still don't watch it but don't like it being there for my family.