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Eh - maybe.

The 2007 campaign really had a "secret strategy" and it was GOOD. Problem was, they needed people to run for PCP to make it work, so they tried to do that sort of quietly, but eventually they had to start revealing the plan so they could get enough people to execute it. It HAD to be revealed and that revelation was part of the demise.
Ron Paul is no dummy. If they have devised a plan, they would learn from that mistake and devise one that they could play close to the vest. I say there is a chance they have a strategy.
Most of all, why decide now? HE has to make decisions, all we have to do is watch. I agree he does not appear to be a libertarian, but he is not Clinton either and SOMEONE will occupy the White House. To be honest, I am FAR more interested in seeing what Ron does at the moment.
And all of politics is a "move on" situation, you have to live your life and the more you can get off their hamster wheel the less impact politics has on your life. But the politics carry on without you, and if you keep an eye on it, occasionally you get a chance to push the herd the right direction.

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