Comment: There's an NDAA every year,

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There's an NDAA every year,

There's an NDAA every year, the Pentagon can't operate until it's been told what it can and can't do with its funds. It's already been more than explained why Rand voted for it, because they got the indefinite detention amendment altered for Americans (didn't matter in the end because they put it right back in). And then we've got the Romney endorsement stuff here again, which I thought was at least water under the bridge. Rand said before he was even elected that he would endorse the Republican nominee. And he did it on Hannity, further getting more of the blind Republican loyalists to like him. Yet he should've waited you guys say. Even though Ron Paul had lost and surely gave him the go ahead as well.

So his record is 99.9% of Ron Paul's. Guess this guy's ruined! Forget that he's been studying Liberty under his father since he was eleven and fully understands Austrian economics, and forget that he has a huge popularity outside of the Liberty movement which further propels the cause (Tea Partiers clash with Liberty lovers everyday on his social media, and everyday I watch a few more get educated and turned over). Yet doing things a little differently here and there to play the game does no good you guys say.

I completely understand why some don't like Rand as much as Ron. He doesn't do things the 100% Ron way, and I get that frustration. But to completely disregard him and push him down the river as not part of the Liberty movement and refusal to support him at all, is the completely wrong way to go about it.