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I don't mind saying it.

I'm not sure you could get much better than me :)

Call it ego or whatever you want. I just know I do my best to do the right thing even when it's not "convenient" or could have direct consequences to myself.

I'm not saying I'm the best... but I have MANY equals and am proud to have them with me in this info-war and desperate attempt to raise awareness before people do the same old thing as they have done in the last 100 years - allow the banksters to bait themselves into killing each other again.

...and I'm not trying to put you down. I'm trying to raise you all up to my level. South, fishy, deacon, clay, maeve... etc etc... they won't say it but I'll say it for them... they are the most aware people I know around here (sorry if I didn't include you by name).