Comment: I object to this "in your face" crap

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I object to this "in your face" crap

We absolutely cannot normalize and positively socialize gun carrying through obnoxious exhibitionism.

This is just like the gay men who dress up in sadomasochistic costumes nearly nude, performing faux sex acts, provoking not just straights but offending "normal" people of any orientation.

I am an unwavering supporter of gun rights beyond just the Second Amendment, to the point that the NRA is closer to the Brady campaign than to my libertarian views on unrestricted private ownership of any and all non-WMD man-portable weapons. And I wish for the day where in our culture we have full normalization of gun ownership and public carrying the way gays want public normalization of same-sex marriage.

But we're not there yet, and these "in your face" exhibitionist public-carrying schemes are highly counterproductive. Literally counterproductive: people bringing their guns to coffee shops in San Francisco--something which might be unremarkable in Vermont or Kentucky--caused the state of California to ban open carry in big cities as a direct result.

These guys aren't heroes, they're misguided dumb-asses. More gun restrictions is not where we want to go. Particularly gun restrictions in which gun-haters can convince a judge they are "reasonable" and don't impair the Second Amendment.

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