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You can

set things up different ways. Redirects is one thing you could do, although I would look at ways of keeping the old content up. For example, at, the prior official presidential campaign site, you could modify the homepage to thank all who supported that run and invite them to continue supporting liberty at C4L. But you could keep Dr. Paul's official positions, etc. still available there, for example. That's valuable, important stuff, with historical significance.

People work 80 hours per week ONLY on SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and write entire books and websites on it. There is no way I can explain it well in a short comment here.

You have to understand that Google (the #1 search engine) processes over 2 million searches per minute, over 3 billion per DAY.

Think about how much advertisers pay for 30 SECONDS of viewing time, especially for traffic like the superbowl. Competition to be shown near the top of search results is FIERCE to put it mildly and VALUABLE. People type in ALL SORTS of things, often not even sure what they should type in. No people won't always type "ronpaul2012" but they might type "gold", "austrian", "liberty" etc. because they heard those terms somewhere. Well, people all over the Internet linked to in all sorts of ways, there is no way to know exactly how, but it has a large search engine "footprint" due to the notoriety. Google uses classified ranking algorithms to determine the importance of sites, and a primary indicator is how many OTHER people link to your site, and what words they use to do it. So the domain can come up near the top of search results for all sorts of things you wouldn't even think of. That's called the long tail of search results, and it can number in the thousands or even millions depending on the search term.

That's a BRIEF explanation of SEO!!!