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We Have An Opportunity

Michael, when you put this together the Clinton/Edwards open mike gaffe had not yet happened. I think it presents a real opportunity. I agree with the above and have two thoughts. First, if most people checked on the petition that their email was available to you, it might be very easy to revise and get everyone to re-sign. Second, there was another petition a while back for fair media coverage. It was close to 1000 signatures when I last looked. All those people would sign this as well as people in other marginalized campaigns as well as all Libertarians, Constitutionalists...lots of others. This has the potential to become huge if we all work together to get the word out. I am sure sites like Lew Rockwell and Information Clearinghouse would jump all over it...if totally unbiased. After all, that is all we want. Ron Paul will always come out as the most intelligent, honorable and trustworthy.