Comment: I would appreciate it of you'd use "classical" or some other

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I would appreciate it of you'd use "classical" or some other

word before "liberal".. I know what you mean or at least I THINK I do, but if the whole nation could read what you just said.. Most would see Pelosi or the like.. I would not want to ever make that mistake.

Anyway, in some of your points, we aren't off and I think you're painting many wrongly..

The resistance in the form of hiding guns is shortsighted... They KNOW you have them.. Law says register/hand them in.. you say what.. "I lost them"

Nothing you say to them is going to keep you out of court and jail, except..maybe, telling them where they are.. so they win.. end of story. You've essentially put on a show that went nowhere and they STILL might charge you for obstruction and refusing a "lawful order"..

Go ask "Lt" on here.. He'll tell you.

One has to understand how things work in the real world and history before you can give answers to it's problems

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