Comment: No. Or at least, not to my knowledge.

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No. Or at least, not to my knowledge.

Sorry I wasn't clearer about that. Getting on morning talk shows or late night television is FREE ADVERTISING for THE GUESTS plugging their films or books. It's more or less understood between the interviewers and guests that that's why they're there. THAT is what Tarantino was complaining about. He was mad that the interviewer went "off script" (the understood script). He was openly admitting: this isn't a REAL interview... it's about ADVERTISING... PLUGGING ME AND MY FILM... and, remember, I'm the big shot here, not you... so ask me the right questions or I'll ruin you!

I was explaining why PIERS, i.e., CNN (or ANY OTHER program/"advertising medium" didn't discuss certain issues, such as anything that might throw a BAD LIGHT on Hollywood, for one. Hollywood receives "free advertising" via interviews; but it also pays a fortune to run commercials, all the movie trailers you see. For this same reason, the media is loathe to cover topics such as the known dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. Saying something controversial about an advertiser represents a "conflict of interest." The hosts of tv programs know who's paying for their salaries.

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