Comment: My Dad died on December 2, 2012

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My Dad died on December 2, 2012

I had not spoken to him in over two years. It's a long story but know that I never stopped loving my Dad. I held his hand the last 48 hours of his life. What a life changer it is to go through something like that.

There was unity in the family for a short time while my father lay dying. It is sad that a family can not always be that close. Petty issues and jealousy is often the thing that deteriorate a family. My mother would have been married to my Dad for 56 years just a few days latter.

They both were deeply in love with one another and it showed in the way that she took care of him over the past few years. He had 14 stints and 8 heart attacks. The poor thing went through Hell for quite a few years. I tell you this because I can see that you can relate to me.

How often have I heard someone say they lost a parent or sister or brother and I look at them so causally and say, " I want to offer my condolence." Wow, little did I know what I was saying until now.

I pray that you have already went through the five stages of grief and are on the road to peace. I was lucky that I got to spend the last few days with my father and make peace. There were so many times that I wanted to go see him but it would not have been for the best but in the end I pray he knew that I always loved him.

For those of you who still have parents let me say this to you. Go video tape them and talk to them. Take pictures of them now for their wake. I know it seems morbid but you need to get these memories saved so that you will be able to remember the good things about your parents. Secure a good piano player. Make sure you have a good one that you can call in case something happens. Needless to say, find a good minister who is competent to preach the funeral.

I learned many things from my fathers death. One in particular is that when I die, I want to die at home. My dad died at home with his family around him. They are other things but back to gentleman loss, I say this, " I offer my honest deep condolences for your loss. May God walk with your family and you through this time of remembrance of your wonderful father." I realize it may have been a year but the hurt I am sure is still there in your heart. I hope you honestly have a good Weekend and beyond.