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Thank you Josf

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for the time you have given on my behalf. I waited expectantly for this reply because I am trying to understand things. I appreciate the way you continually answer my questions. I am having a hard time keeping fact and fiction; truth and lies segregated. Sometimes I just want to quit and go back to not knowing anything. It was much easier and less frightening.

I am going to reply to this topic later. I am going to work on the verses you requested. I realized how crazy it would have made me if it took you as long to answer my requests as I have taken...even though you said take your time. I try hard not to start too many conversations with you and here I have done it again.

For me war has been sterile, and if not, we (word used knowing what it means) were the good guys helping the good guys. Surely there are good guys, aren't there? Or since the criminals funded the east and the west, what is the point? World domination? I am sickened at the heartless cruelty.

Why were there communist in our state department after WWII? Why did we go to war with Vietnam and Korea against communism when they were our allies in WWII? Why were we allies with them? Why did wallstreet fund the Nazi and the Bolsheviks? Why do they want to take our guns away? I am not asking you these questions for you to answer. I am just talking outloud because as much as I think I have awakened, I realize how much I am still asleep. Which also leads me to ask, if there is no neutrality, why then are 2 opposing sides funded by the same operation? In a strange way I can see the criminals as the ones who are neutral, since they are in the middle of it all and the 2 sides are made to fight like cocks or pitbulls who really have no say, just instinct. But then you say the criminals fight amongst each other for dominance. Do they use nations against nations to get to the top of the heap?

I suppose you could answer the last question...if you find it equitable...I went on much more than I intended by my mere Thank you, which AS ALWAYS (remember those words in the vast abyss) I ALWAYS appreciate your equity in trade, but I think I get the better end of the deal. :)