Comment: You're undoubtedly right, but

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You're undoubtedly right, but

You're undoubtedly right, but in practice, the reverse is a much, much bigger problem.

There should be no difference, whatsoever, in the leniency given to a police officer who commit an act, than to any other citizen. Waaay too many people fall for the "they're only doing their job" bulls___. If thir job is doing something wrong, they shouldn't do it. Otherwise, they are no better or worse than any other random hired hitman for the mob; putting their in front of decent behavior.

But yes, it's not like the mere act of being a police officer makes one some sort of despicable fascist that should be disrespected, and whose rights are somehow less than anyone elses.

Back in the more civilized era, things were much clearer, since "cops" were simply deputized civilians, so anyone could be a cop for a short while, and a "civilian" most of the time. If we could just go back to that, the increasing animosity between police and citizens would quickly reverse, as "the police" would be your neighbor, not some guy with a gun hiding behind dark sunglasses while appearing somewhat above the law.

But, the rulers wouldn't like that, because they could never get regular civilians to perform many of the acts, that high paid unionized taxfeeders often specifically selected for their attraction to a somewhat above the law status, are nowadays tasked with performing; and which is what gives all police officers, even decent ones, such a bad reo in the minds of anyone not a complete Fox drone.