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Josh did a wonderful interview and it spoke to a certain audience. AJ also did a wonderful interview and it spoke to a certain audience. We need as many *different* voices and *different* presentations as possible, because they all reach *different* audiences. A Piers Morgan viewer has now been treated to perspectives that are similar, but with different presentations. Piers has repeated his claims the same way with each guest. There are *far more* viewers of Piers Morgan's videos on the Internet than on television. The Internet viewers are not only numerically greater than the dedicated television watching Piers audience, they are less overly biased and more likely to respond. Alex went on Piers, odd as it may seem, to increase his own audience. Only a certain type of person will want to hear information presented in an Alex Jones way. For the other listeners and watchers, there are other interviews, such as with Josh, that make the same points as Alex without all the *anger*. Some people will have to experience *righteous anger* to wake up and act. Other people do not need the anger and can act using different *tools*. Anger itself is shocking, but not *bad* unless it is not righteous. There was always a lot of unrighteous anger in the household where I grew up and as a result, I am personally conditioned to listen more to somebody like Josh than AJ. Perhaps if my childhood were different, I'd prefer AJ's style.