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Comment: There are a lot of individual super-cops who are ruthless too.

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There are a lot of individual super-cops who are ruthless too.

A lot of "good" policemen don't even hesitate to backup and gang-bang with the bad ones.

When the department demands gun confiscation (most already do) from those merely possessing a weapon in compliance with the second amendment how many good cops say "Hell no!" Not very many, instead they take your gun and charge you with an expensive non-crime. They give you an undeserved criminal record and then brag about it as if they had something to do with stopping crime while they themselves operate like criminals outside the supreme law of the land.

There is no such thing as a "good" person. All hearts are wicked to the core. Therefore there can not be a "good" cop.

Some sheriff's are needed, they are not "good" but they are required. Cops and big unelected police departments operate more like royalty. They do nothing really but require taxes and fees from you anyway.

I can shoot a bad guy just as easily as they can at less than $1 per shot. A good shotgun load for less than 25 cents per shot.

Why do I need full-time paid police with benefits to protect me and my property when the sheriff has the authority to call up a posse and the governor has the ability to call up the national guard?

Why do we create full-time posses and guards by creating bulging police departments that intimidate and gang-bang against otherwise law abiding citizens... striping people of rights already afforded to them?

Please do not lecture me about "good" cops. All cops do more harm than they do good. They stand in opposition to our constitution and the peace. They promote violence and fear.