Comment: Excellent post, thank you.

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Excellent post, thank you.

Excellent post, thank you. When you mentioned how neighbors often bring food to people who have lost a loved one...I know exactly what you mean!!!

The video is quite telling. Those people were not real, they were fake hired actors and their body language proves it. Those people did not come across as being genuine based off of the words they spoke alone.

Who in the heck goes out of their way to set up websites after the loss of a loved one? And...WHY?

What exactly would those donations be for? The family? Why? Just because a family loses a child means that people should give the family money? Could they not afford a proper burial?

The website does not even mention WHY they want donations...

From the pictures posted, seemed like "Noah," was your prototypical child from the average middle class family.

If OTHER websites were established in, "Noah's," name as was stated by the, "Uncle," CAN WE FIND THEM?

Phony donation sites?

Hmmm...I wonder.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.