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I figured out another way to see the concept of time preferences as that concept was explained by the well known Austrian Economists, including Hans Hermann Hoppe.

My angle of view on time preferences can be seen in your last statement:

"I suppose you could answer the last question...if you find it equitable...I went on much more than I intended by my mere Thank you, which AS ALWAYS (remember those words in the vast abyss) I ALWAYS appreciate your equity in trade, but I think I get the better end of the deal. :)"

I think that time will tell. The concept of time preferences from a POWER perspective is such that expense of power in the work of creating more power out of less power may be a rapid rate of consuming power while the rate at which power is gained back and then power reaches the point at which the rapid expense was before it was rapidly consumed, and then the power supply increases after that point is reached at a slow rate.

That is time preferences from a POWER perspective.

Time A = you and I are as powerful as we are at that time.

I spend all morning writing, consuming my power, so the rate of consuming my power is about 3 hours.

10 years from now I recall one of the lessons you transfer to me from scripture and instead of jumping off a cliff I turn, or I turn the other cheek, or some other instant decision that is either/or life or death. I cash in the power stored in that fraction of a second.

So my 3 hours is spent now.

10 years from now I get my life in a fraction of a second.

That is time preferences at work from a POWER perspective. I think my money (time and energy) was well spent this morning, and for all I really know I may be paying back something you offered months ago, just so that I can even things up for something that may happen in 10 years.

How much is anyone willing to spend to save a life especially if it your own or someone you love?

I don't know.

As to all the other questions concerning why Legal Criminals do what they do, simply, and in my opinion uncontroversially, they consume the power they steal so as to make sure that the targeted victims are not allowed to produce an abundance of power, because in a human condition where power is abundant no one will be stupid enough to "provide the means by which we suffer" since abundant power means, in real terms, the power of understanding how power works.

Legal Criminals are as much more powerful than their victims as each victim is "providing the means by which we suffer" and right now that rate of power transfer is denominated in Federal Reserve Notes.

Think some on Henry Fords words:

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
Henry Ford

As soon as the POWER stops flowing from those many honest people who produce that productive power is as soon as the Legal Criminals begin consuming each other, since they are now like a bunch of parasites, or wild dogs, or an island of serial killers, pedophiles, sociopaths, rats, psychopaths, left on their own island. Not one of them can reproduce without someone to steal from, and each one is stealing from each other, and before one generation is done there are none of them left, or one of them goes out and gets an honest job.

Ben Bernanke is now working at McDonald's, or Wall-mart.


Because that "class", and those "elite" only know how to perpetrate crime, once there aren't anymore victims to feed them, they starve.

From a POWER perspective this is as uncontroversial as Henry Ford's claim suggests. Legal Criminals know this, and that is why so much of the stolen loot is spent on what Noam Chomsky calls Manufactured Consent (he may have borrowed the term).

Wars have to be conducted and the name itself is a false front. War is three letters that can mean anything one minute and the opposite the next minute. What actually happens is called Investments in Destruction. The Legal Criminals are very busy now, all over the Globe, buying War materials, for World War III. That is why all those "countries" (Legal Criminals) are "Inflating" each "countries" money supply. They are not boosting their export business as Gerald Celente says, and so many other "political economists", they are building up for World War III, they are buying things that are, in fact, investments in destruction. They are consuming all the power that all the honest people have produced, can produce, and will produce, so as to start out with everyone begging for food, shelter, clothing, and "security" and like magic the Legal Criminals crawl out from under their rocks to save the day with the same ROUTINE that they used to Invest in Destruction (a.k.a. WAR), which is their Money Monopoly Fraud.

They write themselves the checks they need to buy all the gear, buy all the employees, buy all the brainwashing, very costly stuff, and then when it is all over, everyone is tortured and suffering, without basic necessities, they show up with the same magic checkbook, and they buy people to rebuild the mess they made on purpose for their fun and profit.

It is not nice.

It is hard to stomach.

But it is uncontroversially true.

It is easy to see who aids and abets the ROUTINE, ask one, see if he or she resorts to lies, personal attacks, diversions, dictatorial ROUTINES.

Sure John Pilger may know more than me, he has been around, but maybe not, and I think an interview between us, like you and me talking, could expose which one of us is full of which hot air.

If the idea is to know better, that is why we talk, anyone with anyone, then that goal can be reached. If the idea is to dominate the viewpoint in any way, by any means, including deceit, including treats of violence, then that is, in fact, the MONOPOLY viewpoint, the ONE viewpoint, which has one word for it.