Comment: Why hardship?

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Why hardship?

That is absurd.

If people don't use any honest, competitive, money, sure, they are disconnecting themselves from other people and they are then on their own, and they are then not taking advantage of cooperative effort, including division of labor, specialization, and economies of scale, which is absurd.

Many examples throughout history record how well people live when they disconnect from criminals running criminals governments, so far from hardship the moment any number of people stop "providing the means by which they suffer" they are by that measure much more powerful and therefore much more readily able make their own standard of living better and their own costs of living less costly.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." Henry Ford

A competitive monetary system, honest money made honest through competition, would be a steady force applied by each individual decision in a free money market to increase the quality of money and reduce the cost of money.

That last factual statement goes over a lot of heads, but too bad for them, it is true.

So a home mortgage where a home buyer buys 3 homes to get one is absurd, and that routine would vanish in Liberty.

Federal Income Taxes, which is a False Front for Extortion made legal vanishes, so how many people can afford to do something better with their money than buy more wars, and better liars?

Inflation, which takes roughly half your earnings each year, in good times, despite all the nonsense measuring that rate of theft to the contrary, is also gone, so how is it that hardship is the result of opting out of Legal Crime at the Federal Crime Ring Level?

It makes no sense, it is absurd, there would be no hardship unless there were enough Goons to make all of us miserable because we are forced to defend ourselves instead of working productively and taking long vacations since our work earnings are no longer stolen and used to steal more.