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I don't know what the time-line is here - what Quentin knew, when, or if he even cared about Jamie Foxx's reputation when picking him for the lead character role...but I do know he wanted to provide a vehicle for discussion about human nature-good vs evil- good wins -a fantasy dream by all -except evil. This is a subject, a dialog between both blacks and whites in this country inwhich Quentin intuits has been choked out of us and even prohibited. He was right. People have a lot to say and boy, are they saying it.

Due to the dialog, I've found out Mr. Foxx has been the topic of discussion in the black community for some time. But for somewhat different reasons than yours. Suffice it to say, he's not well liked. (That I do not wish to get into.) But i do wish the blacklisters would reconsider blacklisting this film because of only one actor - compromising all the film's other assets.

In other words, blacklist all his other movies - the ones of gratuitous (senseless) violence this confused pup is prone to make-past and future.

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