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It depends on the person

I've grown up around guns, my Dad has had me shooting as long as I can remember and living in Tennessee I've never been around many anti gun people. Almost anyone who supports gun control here keeps their mouth shut.

Like always, your argument will depend on the person and propriety of their beliefs and situation. If they are young liberals or someone who is suspicious of "the man" like we are I would focus on genocide after disarmament and especially Hitler being pro gun ownership but also enforcing national gun registration for 10-15 years before he started disarming his enemies. I would say something like

"Hitler was a popular elected official. Hitler also was very pro gun for Germans which is what many people do not know, but he also enforced his version of National gun registration for 10-15 years while remaining pro gun ownership. He used the registration to disarm his enemies just before the Holocaust. This is why I'm against Feinstein's registration, because Hitler kept peace with registration for many many years before he used it to kill millions. Gun registration is the path to genocide over and over and over in history."

Or I would focus on the possibility of the war on terror turning domestic. That is my single greatest fear since we have the PATRIOT Act and NDAA which strips the Rights of supposed terrorists. What if gun owners are the new terrorists? I guess that could be an argument not to own guns but I think people should consider the possibility. I would use this approach when someone says our Gov. would never become tyrannical. Show them facts that they already did away with privacy rights and due process and are breaking the 9th amendment using the 1st amendment to try to destroy the 2nd amendment. Try to convince them the 2nd amendment is about tyrannical Gov. and show the our own Gov. is becoming just that. This makes gun ownership not a Right but a duty for anyone hoping to save the American Republic.

If the person is trusting in Government and would find the idea of our own Government going tyrannical silly and absurd, then I would focus on their fears and show them how gun ownership can dispel those fears. I would say something like:

"What is your plan if someone invades your home? The economy is getting worse and people are desperate. You have a nice (house, car, whatever they cherish), there's probably a bad guy that's thought of taking it before. Does that scare you? It scares me, that's why I keep a 38 near me when I sleep. If the gun registration passes and you do not have a firearm, you're making yourself an easy target. You would be much safer if criminals didn't know who had guns. Would you rather feel defenseless in a home invasion or would you rather have control in your hands with your own gun? Are you scared or prepared?"

Then you can show either of them how easy and safe gun ownership is for a responsible person. Most people like control and almost everyone I've ever shot with had a good time (I do live in the south though). If anything it should be an interesting learning experience for them and they can't unlearn what you tell them. I hope this helps.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson