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Comment: I wouldn't get upset.

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I wouldn't get upset.

I posted a theory the other day and mostly people just watched the linked video and ignored my words. Nature of this site. Ton of content in a format that doesn't encourage settling in for long study.

Regarding your breakdown, the patsy scenario isn't actually supported by any evidence, since there's no absolute proof that Adam Lanza, or any of the victims, existed. The notion that it'd be difficult to fake is something to weigh, but I still say that depends on how much was faked. The fewer real people with access to any key info, the easier it becomes. Only those who are in public claiming to have firsthand knowledge of victims, either before or after the event, would need to be on the inside. Everyone else would have no more real knowledge of the situation than someone watching TV.

The actor scenario is supported by lack of signs of real emotional trauma among the victims' families, by bizarre characters like Eugene Rosen, by people who are online with other identities like the Phelps, by drills being run that coincide with the supposed event....So, while it's far more difficult to wrap our brains around, I think once we plug in the 100 percent fake theory, a lot of inconsistencies and anomalies start making sense.