Comment: I add a charge: Conduct unbecoming of a Paul

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I add a charge: Conduct unbecoming of a Paul

“…We live with a lot of violence: state violence, police violence, individual violence and were in a very violent culture and I think it’s a result, and this is my own theory, I think it comes from the fact that welfare-ism and socialism doesn’t generate a sense of self-esteem. ...It generates, instead of generating a understanding, an enjoyment of liberty, it generates this idea that somebody owes me something, ... this is very negative…I think self-esteem comes from production. Where you feel good about yourself, that you did something.”

A circle of dependency, less confidence, frustration, more violence, more fear, more dependency, less confi...etc.

Acting violently promotes that circle. Turning the other cheek, the Christianity that one need not share with Ron Paul to appreciate his principles but that does animate his own efforts, turns away from that vicious circle, and mitigates against its effects.