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you are right, fishy...

this is a tough set of circumstances to deal with

we will grieve with the parents if, in fact, they did lose a child and I am so very sorry if they did

however, the 2nd amendment will NOT be compromised

they are welcome to their opinion but their opinion OR their loss, no matter how great, doesn't trump the Bill of Rights

call me mean, call me an American, call me whatever you will but I am growing tired of people trying to use the "deaths" of these children to further a cause NOT shared by even an average number of Americans much less a great percentage

Sandy Hoax becomes a circus now...

the right of Americans to bear arms shall NOT be infringed

you can't tell me one of these people, just one, doesn't understand this fact...the fact that there isn't JUST ONE to stand up for freedom tells me, among a hundred OTHER strange facts, that this story is fabricated

the fact that NONE of these "parents" comes out against psychotropic SSRI's is VERY telling!

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