Comment: Again, I didn't say forget, I said understand.

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Again, I didn't say forget, I said understand.

I didn't tell you to forget, or argue that Obama is a good guy.

"We could have had Ron but you'll settle for his backstabbing Neocon son."

I want you to think about that for a second. How could we of; had Ron Paul?

We didn't have the delegates to win, and even if we forced a vote having the states we had, he STILL wouldn't have got the nomination. So how is it "we could have had Ron Paul", and how am I "settling for his Neocon(says you) Son" when I've never endorsed Rand Paul, nor did I EVER have the opportunity to have Ron Paul as my President?

"Not me. I won't forget what he did when we, and his father, needed him most."

Again. I'm not asking you to forget, and he didn't do ANYTHING to his father, because his father didn't have the delegates needed, but he did have enough that we should of seen a vote and a speech by Ron Paul.

If anything, Ron Paul backed down for the sake of his son, and you want to condemn Rand for it. Fine. But like I said, Ron Paul wasn't getting the nomination and he knew it, and now you're going to make sure his son never gets it either.

That's okay. I'm a Libertarian. I WANT you to be the owner of your own mind, body and labor. Rand is your enemy. I get it.