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Was Just Talking About This Today . . .

with a relative of mine who has sponsored a girl from the Philipines since she was a youngster. Now the young lady has graduated from high school.
RJ Rummel from the Univ of Hawaii, has done a great deal of research on 'democide' which is the murder of people by 'governments'. (Of course 'government' is only a concept that denotes individual human beings under the cover of this label.) Rummel's research found that the numbers for civilans killed in the Philipine-American war is very difficult to pin down accurately. He mentioned the 600,000 figure mentioned in the OP. He stated that an estimate of at least 125,000 civilians killed would be extremely conservative.
I have spoken to people from the Philipines who are well educated. This includes those who are doctors and nurses. They were taught nothing about this in public 'school', of course.
My held views on Teddy Roosevelt have changed drastically from that which I had before. (And don't even get me started on Lincoln. What I later learned about 'Honest Abe' was one of the turning points in transforming my personal outlook on the world. That was one of my 'its all been a big lie' moments.)
Rummel also estimated that about 13.8 MILLION Amer Indians were killed during the settlement of the West from the 15th-19th Centuries. About 17.3 MILLION Africans were killed by American slavery. Which equals the 30 MILLION slaughtered by the Mongols.
The bodies really started stacking up in the 20th Century.
Its almost amusing when some people mock some peoples concerns about the threat of tyranny in America. "It could never happen here." they 'think'. Well its already happened in the past, and could happen again. Anyone who knows history, and knows about the NDAA, proposals of drones overhead, huge spy networks watching the citizenry, etc know that the possibility is very real.
What happened in the Philipine-American War was tragic. What is happening now around the world - Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc is horrible. (Look up the stats of the number of civilians killed.)
This happens because the American people are ignorant and blinded by the propaganda and indoctrination they have received. Too many are like naive children who believe in fairy tales.
The American founders tried to form a limited government for a reason. THEY actually KNEW history.